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Four ways on how technology can help save the environment

One of the biggest issues hounding humanity today is the issue of global warming. This is evidenced by the melting polar ice caps and the increasing temperatures all over the world. This has led to the perception that the environment gets the brunt of technological advancement in the hope of improving the conditions for human living.

But environmental awareness is starting to take shape as man has realized the need to balance the transformation of technology and how it affects the environment. It enjoins every responsible individual regardless if you are connected with IT management consulting firms, a modern-day farmer, or a computer programmer.

Technology has, in fact, opened more knowledge into better operational processes and sustainable means to address many of man’s needs without creating a negative footprint on the environment. Here are some of the best technological discoveries that can help protect and save the environment.

Solar power generation
Solar power generation is starting to gain a strong foothold as an alternative power source for many countries around the world. This is one method that technology has come up with to produce sustainable and renewable energy.

In the United States, no less than 53 billion kilowatt hours of photo voltaic and solar thermal hours were generated in 2017. This is equivalent to millions of households powered for days on end without the need to rely on traditional power generation using fossil fuels.

Paperless workplaces
The development of computers and data storage systems have significantly contributed to saving the environment. This applies to any type of business or industry, even with an IT solution provider company.

Here are several things to consider, the paper industry is one of the top five largest power consumers in the world. Going paperless can reduce pollution, drop down fuel cost, save water and cut down CO2 emissions dramatically.

Materials recycling facilities
Did you know that if materials recycling levels in the United States reach 75% it is expected to generate 1.5 million jobs? That’s true.  In fact, recycling is the foremost activity that can help save the environment.

Technology has developed more means and resources to recycle everyday objects, unfortunately, the US is currently at 21% in the recycling program, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  This is due to public confusion and lack of education on proper recycling processes.

Electric cars
Technology has paved the way for the development of fossil fuel-free transportation such as electric vehicles. The Tesla line of cars runs on electricity similar to that of your usual smartphone.  While current battery technology allows these cars to run for three to four hours on a single charge, future technology may soon be able to extend battery life.

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